Lawyer for Assange’s Sex Accusers Helped In CIA Torture Rendition

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized


The more one looks into the accusations in Sweden against Julian Assange, the dodgier they look.

It now surfaces that the lawyer who is advising Assange’s accusers may apparently have had a history of involvement in CIA rendition cases involving Sweden while a member of the governing coalition, and there are hints that he may have some involvement with Karl Rove through his political party as well.

This is looking more and more like a put-up job with every passing day.  Not that it didn’t smell fishy from the start, but if it can be proven that this is the work of the hidden, unaccountable government in Sweden, there will be hell to pay in the streets of Stockholm.



Lawyer for Assange’s Sex Accusers Helped In CIA Torture Rendition
By Andrew Kreig

Best-selling spy thriller author Thomas Bodström ─ an attorney whose firm represents the two Swedish women making the notorious sex charges against WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange ─ knows better than most people that truth is stranger than fiction.

As Sweden’s Minister of Justice, Bodström helped his nation in 2001 secretly turn over to the Central Intelligence Agency two asylum-seekers suspected by the CIA of terror, according to materials recently researched via Google by my Justice Integrity Project and by the Legal Schnauzer blog of Roger Shuler. Shuler broke the story this morning in his blog, ”Lawyer for Assange Accusers Has Apparent Ties to CIA and Torture…”


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