2 turned away trying to visit WikiLeaks GI

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Uncategorized


Obama’s crackdown on dissent and whistleblowing continues – and is getting worse.

Two people who went to Quantico Marine Base to visit Pfc. Bradley Manning, the young private accused of being the source for the WikiLeaks cablegate material, were turned away and their car was towed – even though they had made several visits in the past without incident.

That’s your “liberal” Democrat who, like his conservative predecessor, has little use for freedom of speech, civil liberties, justice and the rule of law.  Gonna vote for him again next year?  Using Rahm Emmanuel’s cynical excuse that “where else are [you] gonna go?”



2 turned away trying to visit WikiLeaks GI
The Associated Press
Sunday, January 23, 2011; 8:06 PM


QUANTICO, Va. — Two backers of a jailed Army private suspected of passing classified documents to the WikiLeaks website say their car was towed after they arrived at a Marine base to visit him.

David House and blogger Jane Hamsher say in a statement they had not had problems previously driving onto the Quantico base. But they say they were detained and unable to visit Army Pfc. Bradley Manning on Sunday.

Quantico spokesman Col. Thomas V. Johnson says the car was towed after the pair could not provide proof of insurance and guards found the vehicle’s license plates had expired. He says both weren’t detained.

Manning’s civilian attorney said Friday he has filed a complaint over Manning’s treatment. The former intelligence analyst in Iraq is being held while the Army determines whether he’ll be tried.


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