NBC: U.S. can’t link accused Army private to Assange

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized


Well, of course they can’t link Bradley Manning to WikiLeaks.  He had nothing to do with Cablegate.

The Cablegate documents are now known to have come from hacking the Tor network, a sort-of public “virtual private network” system, designed to anonymize sources and destinations, and which is widely used by embassies and others for transmitting documents “securely” over the Internet.  Unfortunately, it is neither secure nor really all that private, and if documents going in and coming out aren’t tightly encrypted each direction they are not that secure on Tor.  But most governments don’t know that, and so they have used Tor assuming that it is secure.

We now know that this was the source, because s former associate of WikiLeaks has said so.

So torturing Bradley Manning to try to get him to confess to leaking Cablegate to WikiLeaks is simply trying to get him to make a false confession.  Which, of course, is the problem with using torture as an intelligence-gathering technique, even if Dick Cheney doesn’t think so.



NBC: U.S. can’t link accused Army private to Assange

Military also denies allegations that Bradley Manning is being mistreated


U.S. military officials tell NBC News that investigators have been unable to make any direct connection between a jailed army private suspected with leaking secret documents and Julian Assange, founder of the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

The officials say that while investigators have determined that Manning had allegedly unlawfully downloaded tens of thousands of documents onto his own computer and passed them to an unauthorized person, there is apparently no evidence he passed the files directly to Assange, or had any direct contact with the controversial WikiLeaks figure.

Assange, an Australian national, is under house arrest at a British mansion near London, facing a Swedish warrant seeking his extradition for questioning on charges of rape. Assange has denied the allegations.

WikiLeaks’ release of secret diplomatic cables last year caused a diplomatic stir and laid bare some of the most sensitive U.S. dealings with governments around the world. It also prompted an American effort to stifle WikiLeaks by pressuring financial institutions to cut off the flow of money to the organization.

U.S. Attorney General Eric holder has said his department is also considering whether it can prosecute the release of information under the Espionage Act…


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