DHS Begins Deployment Of “Network Kill Switch” Without Congressional Approval

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Uncategorized


For all the discussion of the “Great Firewall Of China,” it appears that the DHS is going one better – it is deploying the ability to kill portions of the network, at will, even automatically, when it discovers what it calls “malicious” activity, including intrusion attempts.

Of course, there is no limit as to what this can be used for – including killing access of Internet communications by dissidents and political opponents.

That would become relatively easy to do – when coupled with the new NSA data center being built in Utah to monitor traffic in real time, this system would give DHS the ability to detect and monitor dissident activity in real time, and shut it down automatically, all without warrants, all without court orders, all without even human intervention.

A computer becomes an automatic judge, jury and executioner.  The 4th Amendment gets left way behind in the dust as if it never existed.

Oh, what a brave new world that has such computers in it!



DHS to begin deployment of Einstein 3 system this year


The Department of Homeland Security plans to begin deploying its Einstein 3 network intrusion detection and prevention system this year, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano said.

Einstein 3 will provide DHS “with the ability to automatically detect and disrupt malicious cyber activity”, Napolitano told an audience at the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute.

The department is currently implementing Einstein 2, which alerts US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) to respond when it detects unauthorized users trying to access government systems. Napolitano said that deployment of Einstein 2 would be completed this year.

Einstein 3, which was developed by the National Security Agency, would automate much of that response. Einstein 1 and 2 focused on intrusion detection, while Einstein 3 will also prevent intrusions.

Einstein 3 expands information sharing by US-CERT, enabling automation of the US-CERT alert process.

There has been opposition to Einstein 3 from privacy advocates. Critics are worried about the involvement of the NSA, particularly because of reports that NSA was involved in wiretapping US citizens during the Bush administration.

Ari Schwartz, a vice president of the Center for Democracy and Technology, commented about Einstein 3: “There are a number of concerns that come with this process, the main one being how do you go about protecting the system in a way that insures you’re not monitoring private systems. I don’t have a full answer to that question…”


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