Breaking: Rumors on Twitter suggest Mubarak gone

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


I can’t emphasize strongly enough that these reports are as yet totally unconfirmed, so I am passing this along for what it is worth.



Breaking: Rumors on Twitter suggest Mubarak gone

Today, my Twitter page is buzzing, especially around hash tags #Mubarak, #jan25 and #Egypt. Ten minutes ago, my eye caught a tweet from the UK Guardian’s Ranj Alaaldin, which said that ‘President Mubarak has apparently tendered his resignation according to a source.’

Ranj Alaaldin is is a Middle East political and security risk analyst based at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He visits the Middle East regularly and as part of his recent work on Iraq has visited the country on a number of fact-finding missions. Foreign Policy magazine recently listed him among its 100 best Twitter users in international affairs. He maintains a blog here.

About nine minutes later, another tweet from Dimitri indicating that a Greek defense website,, reported that Mubarak had left Egypt.

I have asked both sources if they could confirm these statements, and am still waiting for a response.

I have also tweeted to al-Jazeera what I have heard, since I have had their broadcast live since early this morning in New York. The network has not said anything about President Hosni Mubarak, except that its reporters keep asking about the legitimacy of his rule, considering that over 2 million people are now in Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanding Mubarak resign.

Al-Jazeera indicated a few minutes ago that Senator John Kerry of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has asked President Mubarak to step down. This is significant.


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