Egypt; the irrelevance of the USA

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

http://english. aljazeera. net/indepth/ opinion/2011/ 01/2011131919476 48929.html

nb: before you don’t click, you should understand this is written by a 27 year veteran of the CIA clandestine service. 😉

Difficult not to disagree; the USA has never before in my lifetime appeared so irrelevant, to so many, in so many places. Unable AND unwilling, to trust democracy, anywhere, including at home; able and willing, everywhere, to kidnap, and torture, in the face of every domestic and international legal restriction on the same. A POTUS, now above the law, even when acting on domestic issues. Dictatorship at home, complete, and not even hidden, anymore.

The hollowness of their ‘support’ for ‘democracy’, is plain; the world, has noted – seven or so days later on; still not one US official has publicly stated the resident USA dictator should go (though obviously they’re positioning their next (UN qualified) dictator, should the need arise to dump their current dictator.

No doubt Egypt has been much more than friendly, in terms of places for secret CIA prison systems where US trained, Egyptian, and USA trained, US torturers have been quite at home, operating in the dark.

No wonder the USA does not want the people of Egypt to be free; one of the first things which is likely to happen, is the secret prison system(s) will be exposed, publicly. Bet there’s plenty of shutting them down, happening right now, just in case; indeed this is the one reason I’ve heard here in the UK, from a number of people’s lips – they cannot let Mubarak go yet; not until they’ve had some time to try destroy the evidence (just as they did with the torture tapes from Gitmo).


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