For the US in Egypt, Blowback Is a Bitch

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Uncategorized


The upshot of this article is that the USAnian addiction to propping up foreign dictators is counterproductive to the “war on terror,” but I would posit that the ruling elites don’t really care about terrorism anyway.  The war on terrorism is really just a pretext to install repression and control on the USAnian population, and get the population to accept it.

But the more important blowback to the elites is that the anger of local populations that have thrown off a U.S.-backed dictator know the source of their repression, and will take it out on U.S. interests.  It will just be that much more difficult in the future for the U.S. to do business as usual.

Maybe decency is the best policy after all.



For the US in Egypt, Blowback Is a Bitch

Friday 04 February 2011

…If blowback shows us anything, as she writes in The Nation magazine, “A pro-American dictator is not a guarantee of protection from extremism; more often than not, his tyranny creates the very radicalism he was supposed to stop.

“The future of Egypt looks uncertain,” Lalami continues, but if fears of Islamic extremism cause us to falter in our support of the pro-democracy movement, “What is certain is that siding with a repressive regime against the Egyptian people, especially against young Egyptians, will turn these fears of extremism into a reality.”


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