Egyptian Military May Have An Armory Full Of Trojan Horses

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized


This article posits a very interesting possibility – all those shiny new weapons that the U.S. has supplied to Egypt over the years to keep the generals there well and truly bought, might be trojan horses – they may have electronics in them carefully designed to prevent them from being used against Israel or other allies of the U.S., with that capability carefully concealed.   If that sounds unlikely, consider that any smart weapon that communicates with the outside by radio and controlled by microprocessor, would be fairly easy to modify in that way – and even smart weapons not designed to communicate with the outside world, but which rely on GPS (and that is most smart weapons) are similarly vulnerable.

And so the U.S. could be filling the world’s armories with weapons that can only be used the way the U.S. wants them to be used.

So… If you were a foreign general, would you want to use weapons supplied by the U.S.?



The Egyptian army’s weapons problem
Would you buy a missile from the United States?

By Christopher King

The problem with the shiny toys that the Egyptian army is playing with lies in the question: do they work? True, they fly, roll along or explode as the case may be, according to one’s expectations. They appear to work. The crunch test is: Will they work in a war with Israel?

Let’s think along with the generals. We know that the United States is committed to Israel. Nevertheless, it gives hi-tech weaponry to Egypt whose population sympathizes with the Palestinians, dislikes Israel and has fought several wars with it. The generals might be willing to compromise a little with Israel but at bottom they’re patriots, not traitors. One never knows what the future will bring. From an American perspective, why take a risk with a country that is actually hostile to its protegé and only maintains a peace treaty through bribery?

If the United States doesn’t trust the British despite the traitorous prostrations of Anthony Blair and the current sorry lot who are little better, will they trust despotic governments with Muslim populations that they consider to be just waiting for an Islamo-fascist mullah to stage a revolution? It’s a fact that no-one in the Middle East likes the United States – even people who take its bribes. Particularly them, perhaps…

So what’s a serious general to do? Accept a gift of sparkling gear that turns out to be junk when needed or shop around? Hezbollah, the Pashtun and Vietcong have all demonstrated that simple equipment can do wonders. It’s a matter of training and commitment. Better a rifle that works than a fancy F-16 jet that doesn’t. Perhaps the US can convince its customers that its clever gear will kill Israelis, Americans or anyone else that it’s pointed at just as effectively as it will the people they happen to dislike at the moment. That’s what a rifle does and if it were my 40 billion dollars that I recall the Saudis are spending, that’s the test I would want my purchases to pass. How, I don’t know. It’s not my problem but unless the stuff will perform in all circumstances it isn’t very good value.

Egyptian generals will do as they wish of course, but if I were one I wouldn’t buy an American missile or even accept one as a gift.


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