Behind the Arab Revolt is a Word We Dare Not Speak

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized


And that word is “fascism.”

We dare not speak it because of the associations it has with Hitler, jackbooted imperial armies and genocidal antisemitism.

But make no mistake, what is happening in the United States is fascism, pure and simple, and this article is an analysis of how it was implemented first in the Arab Middle East, then in Latin America, and now in the United States itself.

But the people are revolting; the Internet has given them the tool they need – information and the ability to spread it.

So Zbignew Brzezinski’s much-feared popular revolt is now here.  It is breaking out in the Middle East, but it won’t end there, as the revolt against fascism in Wisconsin is demonstrating.  This is a world-wide trend, and it won’t end soon, just like the European revolutions of 1848 didn’t end until that continent was democratized and the governments were made responsive to their peoples.



Behind the Arab Revolt is a Word We Dare Not Speak

“…It is necessary to destroy hope, idealism, solidarity, and concern for the poor and oppressed,” observed Noam Chomsky a generation ago, “[and] to replace these dangerous feelings with self-centered egoism, a pervasive cynicism that holds that [an order of] inequities and oppression is the best that can be achieved. In fact, a great international propaganda campaign is under way to convince people – particularly young people – that this not only is what they should feel but that it’s what they do feel.”

Like the European revolutions of 1848 and the uprising against Stalinism in 1989, the Arab revolt has rejected fear. An insurrection of suppressed ideas, hope and solidarity has begun. In the United States, where 45 per cent of young African-Americans have no jobs and the top hedge fund managers are paid, on average, a billion dollars a year, mass protests against cuts in services and jobs have spread to heartland states like Wisconsin. In Britain, the fastest-growing modern protest movement, UK Uncut, is about to take direct action against tax avoiders and rapacious banks. Something has changed that cannot be unchanged. The enemy has a name now.


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