Gaddafi’s Ace In The Hole? Algeria

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized


In a nutshell, the reason is that that sonofabitch is being propped up by our sonofabitch.

Our sonofabitch is president Butaflika of Algeria, who is throwing his entire might into the fight to keep Gadaffi in office.  Because Butaflika knows that if Gadaffi goes, he’s quite likely next.

So, what is he doing to support Gadaffi?  Besides his rather formidable military (built up to oppress his own people in a jihadist uprising two decades ago), he is also harboring the remnants of the fallen regimes of Tunisia and Egypt, and those elements are now assisting Gadaffi.

So the Libyan revolution is far from a done deal, even though Gadaffi has lost nearly all his domestic support.  He doesn’t need domestic support; he has an ally that can do what is needed.



Gaddafi’s Ace In The Hole? Algeria

…At this moment when it appears that Muammar Gaddafi’s days in power are numbered, the Libyan leader has made it clear repeatedly that he will stay and fight. So far he has. His domestic support is evaporating around him, leaders of the country’s 140 tribes siding with the rebels, military units siding with the rebellion in larger and larger numbers, air force pilots and naval vessels defecting to Malta. Much of his government, other than his sons, has abandoned him as well.

What is left?

Those heavily armed private militias controlled by his sons? The army of mercenaries from sub-Saharan Africa? Some Mirage jet fighter planes with, until now, pilots less than willing to bomb rebel strongholds? All that is true. Yet while the U.S. and Europe work to isolate Gaddafi,  he is not completely alone and without allies.

Libya appears more and more headed for civil war. Given his ever shrinking domestic base, one has to wonder how it is that Gaddafi can appear so defiant? It might come from the fact that he is not entirely isolated and alone. Indeed, the support that Gaddafi is garnering has stiffened the colonel’s backbone.

Gaddafi has the support of at least one important regional ally, the Algerian government, which has both militarily and diplomatically thrown its full (and substantial) weight behind his effort to retain power. In so doing, it would appear that Algeria, which has long cooperated with the US and NATO on its North and Sub-Saharan Africa anti-terrorism policies, is breaking ranks to protect its regime’s very survival…


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