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Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized


It has been no secret – even to the most casual observer – that NATO is really just an instrument of U.S. foreign policy, designed to give USAnian military interventions abroad the cover of a “multilateral” international “police” force.

But the sheer, raw mendacity of the NATO effort in Libya puts the lie to the notion that it is somehow a “humanitarian” effort when NATO won’t even allow hospital supplies through its blockade.

This invasion isn’t about humanitarianism.  It is really about Qaddafi’s efforts to 1) replace the dollar as the currency of denomination in oil contracts as well as undermine its status as a reserve currency, 2) his efforts to spend Libya’s oil wealth primarily on health, education and infrastructure, rather than allowing it to accrete to multinational oil companies, and 3) his refusal to affiliate and subordinate his central bank to the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland (a Rothschild-controlled entity that functions as a central bank for central banks, and regulates macro-economic policies worldwide). Whatever one thinks of Qaddafi as a dictator, and he is doubtless a brutal one, at least he is trying to be a benevolent dictator, and has been working to improve the lives of his people and oppose U.S. hegemony abroad.  And it is that benevolence that has made him a target.

In this editorial, Cynthia McKinney, currently in Tripoli, talks about her observations as to what life has become like in Qaddafi-controlled western Libya, and how it has become hell on earth for all the “humanitarian help” that NATO is offering it.



Cynthia McKinney in Libya under NATO attack

By Cynthia McKinney. Clarity Press.


What I have seen in long lines to get fuel is not “humanitarian intervention.”  Refusal to allow purchases of medicine for the hospitals is not “humanitarian intervention.”  What is most sad is that I cannot give a cogent explanation of why – to people now terrified by NATO’s bombs, but it is transparently clear now that NATO has exceeded its mandate, lied about its intentions, is guilty of extra-judicial killings–all in the name of “humanitarian intervention.”  Where is the Congress as the President exceeds his war-making authority?  Where is the “Conscience of the Congress?”


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