How to Make Your Donation

Make your donations to Wikileaks through the popular internet e-currencies, and thereby vote with your support for the well established, internet based e-currencies which bypass the international banksters! We will aggregate your donations and send them in bulk to Wikileaks generally on a weekly basis, by consolidating the donations from the various e-currencies and having one of our exchange partners forward the proceeds to Wikileaks in bulk [of course, the exchanger will deduct their usual fees for this service].

The donation procedure is very simple. You have 2 options:

  1. A normal donation where you are identified to us; or
  2. A Private Donation where you are not identified.

We use the popular internet e-currencies to bypass the banksters and protect your privacy. What has happened to Wikileaks — with Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, etc., having the arrogance and audacity to interfere with your ability to donate to a worthy cause – is a crime against humanity, so why should we, the people, continue to reward these arrogant criminals with our continued business? There are alternatives to their corrupt, over priced “services” and one of our missions is to educate the public about these very attractive options, show them how to use them, and make sure your donation wishes are satisfied.

Whichever system you use, please designate in the memo of your spend whether you want your donation to go to the general Wikileaks donations fund or to the Julian Assange legal defense fund, or if you would like to split it and how.

The 2 easiest ways to make a private donation are to use Liberty Reserve, which has a private payment option, or to use one of the other supported e-currencies through our exchange partner, OffshorEarnings. You can use them to fund your own Liberty Reserve, Pecunix, Global Banking Account, or other supported e-currency. Once there, you can send your donation privately to our Wikileaks Donation e-currency account confidentially. See the site for the various ways of getting your funds into e-currency. We also accept Bitcoin.

At OffshorEarnings, you can get the information on the new Global Banking Account, which gives you Global Banking in complete privacy. This is a very useful account once you get it set up.

We have entered into an agreement with the sponsor of the Banking Accounts to waive the minimum initial deposit, and to only charge a $5.00 account set up fee. These accounts offer full privacy protection and the ability to send and receive money on a worldwide basis. You can store your funds in USD, EUR, gold grams or silver grams.

This is a very useful account, and we have made this special arrangement to thank you for sending your donations to Wikileaks through our service. Simply request an invitation to open your Global Banking Account at the time of your donation of $20.00 or more to the same email address you use to contact us here.

Here are the accounts to send your funds to:

Liberty Reserve: U9160544

Pecunix: send to email: destinyworldwide [at] [Note, this is the Pecunix account of one of our exchangers, as Pecunix is not sending out the confirmation emails so that we could open our own account, unfortunately. Once we have successfully established our own Pecunix account, we will change that on this page. So it is important that you include in the memo of your spend that this is for Wikileaks donations and which of their funds you want it sent to.

Bitcoin address:


Global Banking Account: Please inquire to open an account as described above. If you already have this account, but did not open it through us, you will need to send us a request for an invitation to become one of our contacts, after which we can see each other and send and receive funds between our accounts. If you opened the account through us, we will be listed as your sponsor and you should have already added the appropriate asset types.

If you have an existing wallet, please go to and add the Global Banking Account asset types and then inquire at our email address to get a contact invitation, or email us an invitation you have generated for us in your wallet.

If you would like to make your donation through an e-currency not listed here, send us an email and we will look into using the system you suggest. We also intend to add more systems shortly, as time permits, on our own, so check this page once a week for updates. We absolutely refuse to take Paypal as they should not be rewarded for their arrogant interference with all of our rights!

And yes, we know it is difficult to learn a different, yet better way to handle your online payments, but we must reward the friends of freedom and punish those who collaborate with Big Government and Big Business to strip us of our right to know and the right to do with our own money what you want to do with it! By using these alternate financial systems, we are striking a blow for freedom, privacy from government snooping, and the right to store and spend our money in the form we choose and to do with it what we want to in privacy.



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